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10 Day Affordable Peru (Miami Special)

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This 10 day "on-the-go" program features the highlights of Peru in an active itinerary which includes several walking tours as well as some early starts and long days.

DAY 1, Friday or Sunday - Depart the USA, Arrive in Lima
Depart the USA for Peru. Your flight includes meals, drinks, and in-flight entertainment for your journey.

DAY 2, Saturday or Monday - Arrive in Lima, Afternoon City Tour
Early this morning, arrive in Lima and transfer to your hotel. After time to rest and eat breakfast, you will join a tour of Lima. Enjoy the sights of Peru's capital city with 2000 years of indigenous and colonial heritage before stopping at the San Francisco Monastery, famous for its 17th century architecture and world-renowned library. Spend the remainder of the evening at leisure in the "Gastronomical Capital of the Americas" by exploring Lima's nightlife or sampling some of its famed dishes, such as Ceviche and Pisco Sour, the national drink.
Optional: Dinner & Show in Lima
Overnight: Lima
Meals: Breakfast

DAY 3, Sunday or Tuesday - Fly to Cuzco, Visit Chinchero Market & Ollantaytambo Ruins*
This morning, transfer to the airport for your flight to Cuzco. Upon arrival, transfer to the Urubamba Sacred Valley to visit the bustling Chinchero market where you can bargain for alpaca wool scarves, jewelry, and other hand-crafted goods. After the tour, enjoy a typical Peruvian lunch before restarting your journey. On the way you will have the opportunity to visit Ollantaytambo. During the Incan Empire, this site was the royal estate of Emperor Pachacuti, known as the greatest Incan Emporer due to his role in expanding its territory, and served as a town and ceremonial center. Marvel at the architecture of the Incas before being transferred to your hotel. This evening, enjoy dinner and music at a local restaurant.
Overnight: Urubamba Sacred Valley ♦
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY 4, Monday or Wednesday - Full Day in the Sacred Valley
Today, enjoy the full day at leisure in Urubamba. The Sacred Valley is scattered with ancient ruins and once served as the gateway to the jungle. Today it is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Peru, and is popular for activities such as hiking, kayaking, rafting, horse-back riding, and bathing in thermal baths.
Optional: Full Day Maras and Moray
Optional: Dinner with a Local Peruvian Family
Overnight: Urubamba Sacred Valley
Meals: Breakfast

DAY 5, Tuesday or Thursday - Full Day Machu Picchu
Early this morning, transfer to the Sacred Valley's Ollanta Station and board the train** for Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site virtually unknown to the western world until Hiram Bingham III's "re" discovery in 1911. Spend the afternoon viewing the ancient citadel before boarding the train for your return to the Sacred Valley's Ollanta Station in the evening. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel in Cuzco.
**Plan B passengers will ride on the Expedition Train and Plan A passengers will ride on the Vistadome Train.
Overnight: Cuzco
Meals: Breakfast

DAY 6, Wednesday or Friday - Full Day in Cuzco
Spend today at leisure in "The Imperial City". The city of Cuzco is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and once served as the capital of the Inca Empire. Take time to sightsee or shop independently as Cuzco is known for some of the finest handicrafts and textiles in all of Peru. Cuzco is declared the Historical Capital by the Constitution of Peru and hosts nearly 1 million visitors every year. Visit some of the numerous Inca monuments or investigate the culinary secrets of Andean cuisine. Tonight, enjoy dinner at a local restaurant
Optional: Half Day Cuzco Behind the Scenes (AM)
Optional: Half Day Highlights of Cuzco (PM)
Overnight: Cuzco
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 7, Thursday or Saturday - Raqchi & Puno
This will be a long and rewarding touring day. The regions you will pass through will provide a view of local Peruvian life in the agricultural fields. You will leave Cuzco early in the morning and travel through the Andes Mountain Range to Puno, located on the banks of Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake at 12,421 feet above sea level. En route stop at the Incan archaeological site of Raqchi, site of the Temple of Wiracocha, where you will see the temple complex, living quarters, storehouses, fairgrounds, and ceremonial baths. A box lunch will be served on the coach. Arrive to Puno in the evening and check into your hotel.
Overnight: Puno
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

DAY 8, Friday or Sunday - Excursion to Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca
Today begins with a boat trip to the Uros Islands. These islands are completely man-made structures, and their inhabitants, the Uros, continue to maintain them as they have since pre-Columbian times, using totora reeds from the lake to build not only the islands, but also their houses. Return to your hotel later in the day and enjoy the balance at leisure.
Optional: Half Day Sillustani Tombs (PM)
Overnight: Puno
Meals: Breakfast

DAY 9, Saturday or Monday - Fly to Lima, Farewell Dinner
Transfer to the Juliaca airport to catch your flight to Lima. Tonight, enjoy a farewell dinner with local Peruvian specialties and say goodbye to your travel companions and Tour Manager.
Overnight: Lima
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 10, Sunday or Tuesday - Depart for the USA
Transfer from the hotel to the airport for your departure flight.
∼Please note: Some flights to the US depart shortly after midnight in the very early morning of Sunday or Tuesday.
Meals: Breakfast

♦ Due to the high elevation, travel in the Peruvian highlands may cause some passengers to experience the temporary effects of altitude sickness. If you have any concerns about traveling to higher than your accustomed elevation, please consult your healthcare provider.

Gate 1 itineraries may contain suggestions for activities for your leisure time; these suggestions do not constitute a recommendation nor an endorsement of any specific service provider and the decision to participate in any such activities should be made independently.

Optional Tours

Dinner & Show in LIma Day #2 07 Jan 2013 - 05 Jan 2014 $45

Tonight you are invited to dine with a traditional Peruvian Family in their countryside home. You will get to enjoy truly local cuisine, but this cultural exchange offers much more than good food. As you dine, you will get to know the family and learn first hand about their work and everyday life.

Dinner with Local Peruvian Family Day #4 01 Jan 2013 - 05 Jan 2014 $25

Tonight you are invited to dine with a traditional Peruvian Family in their countryside home. You will get to enjoy truly local cuisine, but this cultural exchange offers much more than good food. As you dine, you will get to know the family and learn first hand about their work and everyday life.

Full Day Maras & Moray Tour Day #4 07 Jan 2013 - 05 Jan 2014 $59

Your tour will begin with a visit to Maras and the terraced salt-pans of Las Salinas and get a lesson on salt extraction from the locals. Later, continue on to discover the unusual Inca ruins of Moray, a large complex of terraced circular depressions in the earth which historians believe were used to study the climatic conditions on crops. As you descend each layer or pit, the surrounding temperature descends as well, degree by degree, making for a unique and highly sophisticated thermographic tool. Throughout this tour, have the opportunity to see the local farmers and shepherds working with native crops and animals all along the valley, offering a unique chance to peer into the daily lives of the indigenous people.

Half Day Cuzco Behind the Scenes Day #6 01 Jan 2012 - 05 Jan 2014 $49

Today's tour will give you a glimpse into the other side of Cuzco, the oldest continuously inhabited city of the western hemisphere. Start the day with a visit to a local fruit and vegetable market and observe the locals shopping for their daily goods. Try the local chuta bread and enjoy this colorful market where you will experience many new things. Later, head to the local Cuzco cemetery, where you will learn about the Andean understanding of life and see how the locals decorate the graves with gifts and food for their dead. It is traditional belief that the dead eat and drink as they would during life. Following the cemetery, you will have the opportunity to meet with an Andean shaman or healer and witness a real offering to mother earth & the sacred mountain protectors to thank them for this trip. Conclude this incredible morning with a cooking lesson using the items purchased at the local market.

Half Day Highlights of Cuzco Day #6 07 Jan 2013 - 05 Jan 2014 $59

Today's tour starts at the impressive Colonial Cathedral in Cuzco which contains over 400 paintings from the Cusqueña School in addition to an impressive collection of colonial art, including Marcos Zapata's depiction of The Last Supper displaying Cuy, or Guinea Pig, as the main course. Continue on to visit the Temple of the Sun, whose walls and floors were allegedly once covered by sheets of solid gold. This temple was once the most important religious site of the Incas. From here you will travel to Sacsayhuaman, located on the northern slope of Cuzco. This impressive fortress, which consists of individual stones weighing well over 100 tons, took over seven decades to complete and is a prime example of Incan military architecture. Conclude the day at the Kenko amphitheater, a mysterious limestone formation decorated by intricately carved depictions of mythical entities. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit a local shop featuring alpaca clothing and accessories, and a local jewelry shop, featuring gold and silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Half Day Sillustani Tombs Day #8 07 Jan 2013 - 05 Jan 2014 $32

Depart your hotel and drive to Sillustani. After you arrive enjoy a walking tour of the pre-Incan burial ground of Sillustani to view the "Chullpas" of Sillustani on Lake Umayo, where the ancient Aymaras buried their high priests in cylinder-shaped tombs. These mysterious tombs display architecture that is more complex than that of the Incas, and can stand up to 36 feet tall. Please note the archaeological site is located approximately a half mile away from where you will exit the bus. The tour begins at 2.00 PM and lasts approximately 3 1/2 hours.

Book your Optional Tours before you travel and see more, save time, save money, and protect your investment. Tours purchased while traveling may cost an extra 10% or even more! Tours often sell out - avoid disappointment! Save your cash - many countries do not accept credit cards. Travel insurance only covers services purchased prior to departure.

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2013 Travel Dates Groupon Price
Jun 30, Jul 7, Jul 12, Jul 19, Jul 26, Aug 2 & Aug 4 $1999*
Aug 11 & Aug 16 $1799*
Aug 25 $1699*
Aug 30 $1799*
Sep 1, Sep 6, Sep 8, Sep 13, Sep 15 & Sep 20 $1699*
Sep 22, Sep 27, Sep 29, Oct 11, Oct 13, Oct 18, Oct 20, Oct 25, Oct 27, Nov 1, Nov 3, Nov 8, Nov 10, Nov 15, Nov 17, Nov 22, Nov 24 $1799*

*Not Included:
Optional tours and gratuities.

Additional Information:
This package is based on pre-confirmed flights via LAN and may only be purchased with these flights.

Day room provided for early morning arrival on day 2.

Plan A: The Aug 18, Sep 22, Oct 6 departures will be accommodated at the Sonesta Posada del Inca Yucay in Urubamba on days 3 and 4.


Entry Requirements:
Passengers traveling abroad require a passport valid for six months beyond their travel dates. All travelers are responsible to check if a visa is required for all countries on their itinerary. For visa information, check our Visas page.
Entry Fees/Departure taxes are required as follows: Peru taxes of up to $11 for each domestic flight may apply.