Shore Excursions for Norway - 2023 Coastal Cruises

Optional tours will be available for purchase locally on board the ship and subject to the following terms:

  • The following tour descriptions and prices are based on 2023 rates and are provided for information purposes only. Local availability may vary.
  • Excursions booked on board can be made with cash or credit and will be payable in Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
  • All information contained in this document is subject to change without notification due to unforeseeable circumstances such as weather, vessel itinerary or local conditions
  • All rates are per person, listed in US Dollars, and are subject to change without notice

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Arctic Coastal Walk (HR-BOO4B) - Duration: 2 hr 15 min – From $112

Physical Level: Difficult, participants must be in good general physical condition
Port: Bodø
Season: All Year

We want to give you a greater understanding of the word “Friluftsliv”- a Norwegian expression meaning outdoor life. During the walk, we will describe the geology of the Bodø area, tell you about the local history and explain our dependency of the sea. We will also show you one of the many Viking graves discovered in this area. Experienced guides take you on paths along the shore and across sandy beaches, pointing out special views or wildlife along the way.

RIB Safari To Saltstraumen (HR-BOO4D) - Duration: 2 hr – From $192

Physical Level: Medium, participants should be in good general physical condition
Port: Bodø
Season: Apr-Oct

Jules Verne wrote about Saltstraumen in his famous novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Edgar Allen Poe penned a whole story about the whirlpools in A Descent into the Maelstrom, and Herman Melville described Saltstraumen through his character Captain Ahab in Moby Dick. No wonder: Saltstraumen is the world’s most powerful tidal current. Four times a day, some 13 billion cubic feet of water are forced in and out through a passage only 490 ft wide and 100 ft deep. The conditions cause such an intense churning and downward pull that it can be dangerous to sail through Saltstraumen outside of specific windows of time. On this tour, we sit safely and comfortably in sturdy RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) with high-powered outboard motors operated by highly experienced and knowledgeable pilots. There is also a good chance to observe sea eagles during the trip. You can also see parts of the Caledonian fold belt, one of the world's oldest mountain ranges, dating back more than 250 million years. This is a day packed full of exciting natural adventures.

Svartisen Glacier (H-ORS4A) -- Duration: 5 hr – From $350

Physical Level: For most guests, requires some physical effort
Port: Tender boat transfer in open sea - Bodo
Season: Jun-Aug

Situated near Ornes, Svartisen is Norway's second largest glacier. Your Hurtigruten ship will make a stop to allow you to transfer to another smaller boat for the excursion. This boat will then sail between islets and skerries whilst the guide tells you all about the area and the scenery - an impressive view best enjoyed out on the deck. It's important not to forget your camera for this part because you will now be in the realm of the sea eagle, Europe's largest predatory bird. Once we move on to the Svartisen Tourist Centre, you will be able to admire the beauty of this enigmatic ice world whilst enjoying a warm drink and the centre's varied buffet of delicious cakes. Afterwards, you continue your journey along the beautiful coast of Helgeland back to Bodo, where you rejoin the ship.