MS Polarlys

‘Polarlys’ is the Norwegian word for ‘polar light’, a name given to the special Arctic phenomenon during winter. MS Polarlys was built in 1996, and it is the third ship in Hurtigruten to have this name. She was refurbished in 2016 and the new look on board has been named ‘Arctic Interior’. We have merged the look of discovery with a contemporary feel. The new interior décor reflects the stunning coastal landscape of Norway, and the color palette ranges from earthy tones to all the blue and green shades of the sea.
Ship Amenities
Dining Room, Lounge & Bar, Library, Observation Deck, Spa & Fitness Center
Cabin Amenities

All cabins include private bathrooms with shower. Most of the cabins have separate beds where one doubles as a sofa, while some are equipped with a double bed or upper and lower berths. All the cabins have individual specifications.

Cabin Details
Expedition Suite
One or two rooms, seating area, TV, mini-bar, one large bed, some with private balcony. 161-323 sq ft.
Arctic Superior
Picture window, most with unobstructed view. Separate beds, one bed can be turned into a sofa, table. 54-140 sq ft.
Polar Outside - Unobstructed View
Picture window with unobstructed view, on middle or high deck. Separate beds, one bed can be turned into a sofa - 54-140 sq ft.
Polar Outside - Limited/No View
Portholes with limited or no view. Separate beds, one bed can be turned into a sofa. - 54-140 sq ft.
Polar Inside - No View
No windows. Separate beds, one bed can be turned into a sofa. 54-108 sq ft.
About Norwegian Coastal Cruises

The MS Polarlys is a working vessel operating a regular service to a set timetable. The ship carries goods, vehicles and passengers between ports, by night and day, as an integral part of Norwegian daily life. The ship calls at ports around the clock. You may expect some noise and vibration in a few cabins during loading of goods. The vessel is equipped with stabilizers. On the Norwegian coast the ships enter the open sea for a few hours, on only a few occasions during the whole voyage. The majority of the time the ships sail between mainland Norway and the coastal islands where the sea is generally calmer. The time the ship stops at each port is subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.

Deck Plans