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Good News Christian Church's 11 Day Israel Tour 2018



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Final Payment Date: 2 Mar 2018 (60 Days Prior to Departure)

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Prior to Departure              Penalty
179 to 101 days: $200 per person
100 to 61 days:   $300 per person
60 to 31 days:  75% of land/cruise, 100% of air
30 days or less/ no-show:  100% of land/cruise/air

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Israel Holy Land Tour May 1-11, 2018

We are excited to invite you to join us on a life changing pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Israel.

The Bible will come alive as we visit various sites listed in this brochure. Your dream of seeing the glory and greatness of the Holy Land will become a reality as we walk in the footsteps of Jesus and explore historic landmarks. We believe each one of you will experience a spiritually unforgettable journey.

We look forward to hosting you for this amazing trip!


Pastors Joe & Linda DeAngelo

Escorted Tour Includes:
  • Round Trip Flights New York (JFK) - Tel Aviv (TLV)
  • Airline taxes and fuel surcharges
  • 9 nights accommodations at the following hotels
    • 2 nights Dan Panorama Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
    • 2 nights Ron Beach Hotel, Galilee, Israel
    • 5 nights The Dan Jerusalem Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 18 meals, 8 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 9 Dinner
  • Sightseeing per itinerary in modern air-conditioned motor coach
  • Services of English-speaking tour escort/manager from arrival to return
  • Local guides as required
  • Entrance fees per itinerary
  • Porterage of one piece per person on arrival and departure at each hotel

Additional Information:

  • Cash Discount:If you should choose to pay by cash/check your final invoice will reflect a 5% discount.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Depart New York, NY (NYC) for your flight to Tel Aviv, Israel

Wednesday, May 02, 2018
Arrive Ben Gurion Airport at 5:10 p.m. Meeting and assistance after passport control. Once everyone has their luggage we will be escorted to he arrival hall where our guide and driver will be waiting for us. Drive to Tel Aviv and check into your hotel. Dinner and overnight.
Overnight: Tel Aviv, Israel
Meals: Dinner

Thursday, May 03, 2018
After breakfast our tour this morning will begin with a visit to the Old Town Jaffa walk through the narrow streets of Old Jaffa, believed to be the oldest port city in the world, see St. Peter's Church and enjoy a panoramic view of Tel Aviv resort shoreline from Jaffa Hilltop. St. Peter came to Jaffa (Joppa) from Lydda to raise Tabitha (Dorcas) from The dead. While in Jaffa, the apostle stayed at the house of Simon the Tanner, and the Church of St. Peter marks the traditional site of Peter's vision of the Great Sheet. From the past in Jaffa we will move in time up to 1947/1948 and the establishment of the State of Israel. Our first stop will be the which is an experiential museum, covering the Palmach legacy through the stories of individuals and groups. You will join a group of young Palmach recruits from its establishment, and advanced through the story of the Palmach until the end of the War of Independence. An experience that you will not forget. Now that we have come to the end of the War of Independence we will make our way to Independence Hall. Begin with a film about the establishment of Tel Aviv and then you will move to the actual room where David Ben Gurion announced the U.N Declaration of partition and Statehood for the new country of Israel. (Tissues are highly recommended). We will return to our hotel with some down time to relax and pack up as tomorrow we will be making our way in the Foot's of Jesus. Dinner and overnight.
Overnight: Tel Aviv, Israel
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Friday, May 04, 2018
After breakfast we will take leave of Tel Aviv and make our way north along the coastal plain to Caesarea Maritima , the center of early Christians, and the capital of Judea under the Roman Empire. Visit the excavations of this ancient city by the Mediterranean Sea, marvel at the Roman theatre and picturesque aqueduct with the ocean blue water behind it, here is where Paul made his defense before Festus and King Agrippa prior to his final journey to Rome. From here we will stop on Mount Carmel (Muchraka), where Elijah issued his challenge to the False Prophets, and on to enjoy a breath taking panoramic view of Haifa Bay and the Western Galilee region. Continue on to Megiddo, identified as Armageddon, and witness the remains from Solomon's days, and view a panoramic site where the Battle of Armageddon will be fought. See the archaeological excavations at Megiddo, including a well preserved water supply system. We continue our touring day along the Jezerel Valley to visit the town Jesus lived in Nazareth , and enjoy a beautiful view from the top of Mt. Precipice, also known as Mt. of Precipitation, and Mount of the Leap of the Lord believed to be the site of the rejection of Jesus, described by Luke, we continue to the Church Synagogue where Jesus taught and preached in the Nazareth Market. If time permits, and drive to Cana of Galilee where Jesus performed his first public miracle, the turning of water into wine at the wedding feast, and on to the Lower Galilee region to the beautiful Sea of Galilee and Tiberias where we will be staying for the next two nights.
Overnight: Galilee, Israel
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Saturday, May 05, 2018
After breakfast we will stop at the Igal Alon Museum, where on display is the "Ancient Jesus Boat" the remains of a 2,000 years old boat that was discovered in 1986. This boat was used at the time of Jesus and his disciples. From here we will walk to the dock and a board our wooden boat and sail on as the disciples did 2,000 years ago on the Sea of Galilee where the Lord calmed the storm, and where He made one of the most dramatic miracles, walking on water, and it was here along the shores of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus appeared for a third time after being raised from the dead, and asked his disciples to throw their net to the right side of the boat and caught many fish, and where the Lord made the disciples breakfast. Next we will make our way up to the Mount of Beatitude where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, we will see the famous Church of the Beatitudes chapel, constructed between 1936 and 1938 by the noted architect Antonio Barluzzi and enjoy the view. Next we will visit Tabgha - the site of the Feeding of the 5,000 and Primacy of Peter Church of Multiplication with its 4th Century Mosaic floor. Stop for lunch at the St. Joseph Restaurant where you can have the famous St. Peter's fish. After lunch we will visit Capernaum where is believed to have been Jesus' home and the center of his ministry, here we can stand in what is left of the synagogue in which Jesus ministered, and where he preformed many miracles, and it's in Capernaum where Peter's mother-in-law lived and was healed. Our last stop of the day will be to the Yardenit on the Jordan River, where believers celebrate and some take the opportunity to submerge themselves in the same waters where the Holy Spirit descended like a dove from heaven, when John the Baptist baptized up out of the water Jesus. Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.
Overnight: Galilee, Israel
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Sunday, May 06, 2018
After breakfast we will make our way to latest excavations in the Galilee, Migdal, or Magdala. The home of Mary Magdalene and truly the crossroads of Jewish and Christian history. Begin with a tour of the excavated synagogue, Magdala Stone mansion, mikve, market and so much more. Now we make your way to Duc In Altum. Visit the beautiful Boat Chapel, Mosaic Chapel, Encounter Chapel and Women's Atruim. Enjoy a service at one of these awesome Chapels. We will leave the Sea of Galilee and make our way south towards the "Golden City of Jerusalem. En route will make our way first in Zipori (Sepphoris) which was the birth place of Jesus's mother Mary. The site has the most magnificent mosaics from the 3rd-6th century. You will see the the "Mona Lisa of the Galilee" as well the home built around the year 200. We continue towards the Jordan Valley of Beth Shean (aka Scythopolis). Here we shall climb the tel and view the setting for the magnificent Roman and Byzantine ruins: theatre, bathhouses, ancient rest rooms, market areas, colonnaded streets. Continue through the Jordan Valley and pass ancient Jericho, view from a distance this city famed as the oldest in the world. Continue up to Jerusalem stopping on Mt Scopus for your first view of the Golden City. Continue to your hotel. Dinner at check in.
Overnight: Jerusalem, Israel
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Monday, May 07, 2018
Our journey through Jerusalem will begin at the top of Mount of Olives where the Lord ascended into heaven. View across the Kidron Valley to the Eastern Gate where the prince of Peace will enter. We pass by Pater Noster Church standing on the traditional site of Christ's teaching of the Lord's Prayer, and see Dominus Flevit where "The Lord wept" as he beheld the Holy City. Through Palm Sunday Road proceed down to Gethsemane where you will see 2,000 year old Olive trees that date back to the time of Christ. In the Garden of Gethsemane the place that Jesus prays and his disciples customarily visited, which allowed Judas to find him on that fateful night of his arrest, and it's in Gethsemane where an angel from heaven appears to strengthen Jesus, and where he found his disciples sleeping and awakes them and tells them to get up and pray, we too will take time to prayer here. We will now make our way to the Old City entering via the Dung Gate. We begin at the Southern Wall Excavations. This southern side of The Temple was the main entrance for the common folk, whereas the Priests and Levites had their own entrance from the higher eastern side. Parts of the giant stairs, which led to the Temple Mount from the courtyard have been unearthed along with the purification pools. From here Jesus entered the Temple Mount and drove out the vendors and money exchangers who were exploiting the people. It is also likely that this is the place that Peter stood and preached and where thousands were saved and baptized on the Day of Pentecost. Next we will stop at the holiest site in Judaism and one of the original walls that retained the Temple. We will now visit the Western Wall Tunnel running along the base of the Western Wall will lead us through the Second Temple era and reveal the amazing construction of the Temple Mount. . Return to the hotel and this evening return to the Jaffa Gate and the Citadel of David for the Sound & Light Show on the history of Jerusalem. Return to your hotel for overnight.
Overnight: Jerusalem, Israel
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Tuesday, May 08, 2018
This morning we will visit the Temple Mount, with commentary on the Temple Periods, and the variety of belief systems past and present that make this area so valuable. From here we will also be able to see the Pool of Bethesda, Stephen's Gate and St. Ann's Church. Passing by the Protestant Cemetery, we visit the "Upper Room" just outside the Zion Gate where the disciple whom Jesus loved laid his head on His breast and where later Thomas cried, "my Lord & my God." We will enter the Old City via the Lion's Gate and make our way to St. Anne's Church and the Pool of Bethesda where Jesus performed the famous miracle of healing of the paralytic. We will walk the Stations of the Cross - Via Dolorosa through to the Church of the Holy Sepluchre. We will continue to the walk along the Cardo, an ancient Roman road and we will enter the see restored Sephardic synagogue restored after the 1967 war and then enter the Churva Synagogue. We will climb up to the roof top for the most amazing view of the city. Continue to the Temple Institute where they are preparing for the coming of the 3rd Temple. At the end of the day return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.
Overnight: Jerusalem, Israel
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Wednesday, May 09, 2018
After an early breakfast, we will drive towards the Dead Sea area. Our route will take us back down the main highway towards Jericho. As we get closer to the shores of the Dead Sea, we will start to descend to the lowest point on the surface of the earth at 1305 feet (398m) below sea level. We will drive along the shores south and stop at Qumran, where a young shepherd boy discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls and drive to Masada. We will continue south to the legendary mountaintop plateau of Masada and ascend by cable car to the ancient synagogue and to explore the ancient fortress. Here, was the last stronghold of the Jewish Zealots in their struggle against the Romans. The Zealots held out for three years against the legions of Flavius Silva and chose to die as free men at their own hands in preference to Roman slavery. From the top of Masada, the outlines of the Roman encampments are still visible below. We will stop at a Dead Sea facility for a short time at leisure. Here we will have the opportunity to float atop the unsinkable Dead Sea. Return back to your hotel.
Overnight: Jerusalem, Israel
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Thursday, May 10, 2018
After breakfast we will make our way to the Friends of Zion Heritage Center. Recently opened this center salutes the world wide Christian Community for their unwavering support of the Jewish People during the dark days of the Holocaust, through Bristish Mandate Palestine and the establishing of the State of Israel. Next we will make our way to the Israel Museum. Here we will see the Shrine of the Book that houses the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Model of Jerusalem from the time of Jesus. Next we will make our way to Yad Vashem, the Museum Memorial to the Six Million Jews killed during the Holocaust. We now bring our tour to a close with a special visit and communion at the Garden Tomb. Return to your hotel. After dinner we will load up our motor coach and make our way to the airport for our return flight home.
Overnight: Jerusalem, Israel
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Friday, May 11, 2018
Flight arrives early morning in New York, NY (NYC)

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