May 1 - Coronavirus Update

All Trips Suspended Through July 31

Land and cruise payments, and travel insurance if selected, will automatically be applied as a future travel credit. These credits may be used to book services within the next 18 months and may be applied towards travel departing through the end of 2022. A significant portion of many affected reservations is airfare. Airlines have generally waived change fees, but not cancellation fees. Your airline ticket value will remain available as a credit based on your airline's rules. An updated invoice with future travel credit(s) will be emailed to you after processing. You do not need to call to process this update.

Departures August 1 - September 30

As news continues to develop, we hope to have a clearer understanding of whether we will be able to operate your tour. If you prefer not to wait, you may convert your reservation into a Future Travel Credit or cancel your trip. Future Travel Credits may be used to book services within the next 18 months towards travel departing through the end of 2022.  For cancellations, Gate 1 will refund 75% of your land/cruise payments, excluding non-refundable Trip Protection Plan.  For those with airline tickets, you have the option to keep the value your ticket open for future use (per your airline’s rules) or cancel your ticket (with airline assessed fees).  

Requests to Rebook or Cancel reservations should be submitted via the Contact Us page.  For departures as of October 1 and later, standard terms and conditions apply.

Please note, Trip Protection Plan policies typically do not consider an event of this nature as a covered event. However, you may wish to contact your insurance carrier to verify coverage details. If you purchased Trip Protection through Gate 1, policy information and insurer phone number are available here.

About Airline-Assessed Fees

If your airline cancels your flight itinerary, we will be able to request a refund. Because airlines are only cancelling flights departing in the short term, we will automatically check if your flights are still scheduled to operate 3 days prior to your original departure date. If flights are no longer scheduled to operate at that time, we will request a refund. Otherwise, you will have a credit to be used with the same airline. Typically air credits must be used within 12 months from when the tickets were issued. Gate 1 is working with airlines to extend this validity such that you will not have undue pressure to use your tickets before you are comfortable traveling. In either case, refund or credit, we will advise you in writing the final status of your airline ticket.

About Future Travel Credits

  • We look forward to taking new bookings when the crisis has stabilized, and will notify travelers at that time
  • Reserve new services within 18 months for departures through the end of 2022
  • Credit may be applied towards one or more new bookings
  • Unused credit has no cash value
  • If keeping the value of your air ticket, it is your responsibility to advise us when you are ready to book alternate flights
  • Trip protection will carry over, premium will be adjusted based on the total value of the new booking
Please note: These policies are subject to change at any time and are not retroactive for bookings cancelled prior to March 12, 2020.