Norwegian Cruise Line Ports of Call

Alexandria, Egypt
Founded by its namesake, Alexander the Great in 332 B.C., Alexandria has been home to many historical figures, including Cleopatra, Mark Antony, Julius Caesar and Euclid. Today the city has a distinctly Mediterranean feel, perhaps a remainder of its ancient Roman connection. The charming seaside promenade, colonial buildings and wide avenues make it an exotic, romantic destination.
Athens (Pireaus), Greece
Piraeus is the main port of Athens, the biggest in Greece, and one of the most important in the Mediterranean Sea. Piraeus is walking distance from Kastella, a hill strewn with beautiful houses that offers a majestic view of the Saronic Gulf. Other points of interest include an archaeological museum, Mikrolimano, where you can enjoy an ouzo accompanied by seafood mezedes.
Corfu, Greece
Known as the "Emerald Island" because of its lush greenery and breathtaking beauty, Corfu is one of the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean. The second largest of the seven Ionian Islands, Corfu is just 593 square kilometers (368.253 square miles). Possessing an intense culture and unparalleled coastline, the island has provided endless inspiration for many artists and literary figures.
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Situated at the edge of the Adriatic Sea in the very south of Croatia, Dubrovnik is rich in history and natural beauty. With bays, beaches, steep cliffs and dense woodland areas, Dubrovnik's landscape is unexpected. Although severely damaged in the attack by the Serbs and Montenegrins in the fall of 1991, Dubrovnik's impressive medieval architecture and its beautiful Mediterranean landscape still remain.
Kusadesi (Ephesus), Turkey
Kusadasi is your gateway to Ephesus, a city created by the Ionians in the 11th century B.C. and later expanded by the Romans. Now considered one of the grandest reconstructed sites in the ancient world, the region also hosted the likes of Cleopatra, Mark Antony, the Virgin Mary and John the Apostle.
Herklion (Iraklion), Crete
Iráklion, the capital city of Crete, rests on the side of a hill overlooking the Cretan Sea. The city is named after Hercules (Herakles, or in Modern Greek, Irakla­s). Though a bustling metropolis, Iráklion is also the gateway to the nearby stunning ancient ruins of advanced civilizations. Bask on the glorious north coast beaches, socialize and people-watch in the cafés and restaurants of Platía Venizélou (Fountain Square), discover Crete's astonishing Minoan sites, and more.
Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul is not only where Europe meets Asia; it's where history, built upon empire after empire, meets modern-day commercialism. Explore Old Istanbul's mosques, hippodromes and opulent palaces. Discover remnants of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Test your bargaining savvy with the merchants at the Grand Bazaar and visit the awe-inspiring Ayasofya (Church of Holy Wisdom). Istanbul is the perfect place to step far back in time and admire incredible cultural accomplishments.
Katakalon, Greece
Whether you're into sports, history, art, or just lounging by the sea, the charming village of Katakolon, Greece, is a good place to start. From here it's just a quick trip to famed Olympia, birthplace of the modern Olympics and one-time home to a Wonder of the Ancient World. Or, if you're looking to do like the locals do - grab a seat at one of the town's seaside cafés and order a cool drink and some local mezes (Greek snacks).
Mykonos, Greece
In the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean lies one of the most inviting places in all of Greece - Mykonos. Its countless bays and beaches and its quaint cobblestone streets are bound to welcome any visitor. According to Greek mythology, it was here that Hercules slew the Giants; the large rocks that are scattered about the island are said to be their petrified corpses. True or not, you'll have to judge for yourself.
Santorini, Greece
Black-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and whitewashed villages that cling to volcanic cliffs make the island of Santorini a wonder to behold. Many visitors come to Santorini to uncover the mysteries of the lost kingdom of Atlantis, while others revel in its relaxed mountaintop atmosphere to enjoy the scenic waters of the Mediterranean.
Split, Croatia
Split is one of the Adriatic's most amazing seaports and Croatia's second-largest city. Not only does this 1700-year-old harbor have its share of historic monuments, museums and galleries but from here you can visit dreamy Adriatic islands, sporting some of the world's best beaches.
Venice, Italy
Composed of 117 islands in the Venetian Lagoon and held together by a series of canals, Venice is like no other city in the world. Established more than 1,000 years ago by seafarers and Roman refugees, this magnificent city continues to be the heart of Italian culture as well as a mecca for hopeless romantics.
Barcelona, Spain
History, culture, cuisine, and modernism all come together in Barcelona. Few destinations in Europe compare to the dynamism of this city, from its bustling port area to its elaborate architecture, narrow stone streets, and fairytale parks. See Gaudi's masterpiece, the unparalleled Sagrada Familia Church or visit the Picasso Museum, housing one of the world's most extensive collections of the artist's work.
Cannes (Monte Carlo), France
Once a small fishing town owned by monks, Cannes is now home to all the glamour of the International Film Festival and hosts a multitude of major festivals and conferences each year. Up the coast is Nice, the capital of the Riviera that lies along the brilliant Bay of Angels. Monte Carlo is located in the Principality of Monaco, north of Nice on the Mediterranean Sea. Luxury hotels, a magnificent casino, the Formula One Grand Prix and home to royalty for centuries, Monte Carlo is a region rich in history, culture and beauty.
Livorno (Florence/Pisa), Italy
Livorno, in the Tuscan region of Italy, is ideally located for exploring some of the most beautiful cities in Italy, including Florence and Pisa. Florence is most noted as the birthplace of the Renaissance. Highlights include impressive piazzas and an incomparable 15th-century skyline - sure to offer charm and an unforgettable experience to any visitor.
Funchal (Madeira), Portugal
The island of Madeira is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 370 miles off the coast of Morocco. For over 100 years tourists have enjoyed its rugged volcanic peaks, beautiful tropical coastline and a climate that's never too hot or cold. Madeira lace and Madeira wine are both still produced here in the Old World tradition. Many hidden valleys, peaks and botanical gardens are just waiting to be explored.
Malaga, Spain
The city of Malaga is a thriving agricultural market for the fruit and wine industries with a history dating back to the Phoenicians, Arabs, Carthagenians and Visigoths. It is the main access point to Granada as well as the magnificent Alhambra Palace, the fortified medieval royal complex that is a masterpiece of Moorish Art.
Naples, Capri, Italy
Capital of Italy's Campania region, Naples' history stretches back to the 7th century B.C., when it was founded as a Greek colony. The city's historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and among the most prominent landmarks are the majestic Castel dell'Ovo and the Castel Nouvo. Naples also boasts an incredible 448 historical churches. Below the city, a vast network of subterranean reservoirs that were hewed from the soft tufo stone in ancient Roman times is accessible from the Via dei Tribunali in the center of the city.
Provence (Toulon), France
Toulon is France's exciting naval epicenter. Bobbing sailboats dot its busy harbor. On land you'll find tons of maritime museums, ancient fortresses and a fair share of sailors. And in true French fashion you'll also find plenty of stylish spots for shopping and lunching. But what really makes this seaport so special is its proximity to glitzy Saint-Tropez and the Côte d'Azur.
Provence (Marseilles), France
Marseille is the oldest city in the country and second largest after Paris. Thanks to its long and unique past - Greek sailors originally settled the city back in 600 B.C. - this bustling port is filled with history and amazing architecture. It's also one of the most picturesque ports in the country, with fantastic views and scenic backdrops.
Tenerife, Canary Islands
The largest of the Canary Archipelago, the island of Tenerife consists of many different regions - each with its own characteristics. There are mountains, lush valleys, a gigantic crater (which is now a national park) and, of course, fabulous beaches. If the beautiful landscapes don't bring a smile to your face, the weather certainly will.
Berlin (Warnemunde), Germany
Warnemünde is a lovely fishing hamlet on the banks of the Warnow River and one of the most sought-after destinations on the Baltic. Its soft, wide white-sand beaches are pretty popular with the locals, and the town's laid-back vibe can be felt everywhere, especially in the many charming restaurants and pubs.
Copenhagen, Denmark
OCopenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is an elegant city, rich in history and tradition. Castles and crown jewels, galleries and museums, cathedrals and canals - sightseeing in this city is fascinating. One of the city's most celebrated sights is Tivoli, a unique combination of picture-perfect gardens, lakes and more than 100,000 colored lights.
Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki is the sparkling capital of Finland, an elegant city of spectacular architecture, beautiful gardens, and harborside parks. Many styles from centuries past and present are represented here, from medieval to neoclassical, as well as the superb ultra-modern creations by Aalto, Saarinen, and other Finnish masters.
FStockholm, Sweden
Situated where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea, Stockholm was founded as a fortress in the mid-13th century. The fortress grew into a town, spread to nearby islands, and the mainland eventually became the capital of Sweden. It is a city of remarkable beauty with its numerous parks, tree-lined squares and boulevards and pleasant water vistas.
St. Petersburg, Russia
St. Petersburg is rich in cultural heritage, and a masterpiece of architecture that embodies the soul of Imperial Russia. Elegant façades, glorious cathedrals and grand residences were built along the city's canals. Construction flourished under Catherine the Great, and the city gained new splendor with elaborate palaces, lovely parks and magnificent squares designed by French and Italian architects. St. Petersburg is the most European-influenced city in Russia, and certainly the most spectacular.
Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is one of the oldest cities on the Baltic Sea, founded in 1154. Its Old Town has remained remarkably unchanged for the past 600 years, making it one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Today's Tallinn is also a thoroughly modern capital filled with parks, museums, sports centers, hotels and cafés - a city certain to suit almost every traveler's tastes.
Seattle, Washington
Seattle is often characterized by its laid-back attitude and rainy climate, but this thriving metropolis also offers one-of-a-kind architecture, the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, and a unique urban sophistication.
Skagway, Alaska
In a single year from 1896 to 1897, this remote town along the Inside Passage grew from a few tents to a city of 20,000 gold seekers. Today, travelers come in search of other riches - to experience yesteryear along Skagway's charming boardwalk lined with buildings that replicate those Gold Rush days.
Juneau, Alaska
Juneau has been called "Alaska's peak experience," certainly due in part to its unparalleled glacier viewing from such places as Tracy Arm Fjord, the Juneau Icefields and Glacier Bay National Park. Kayak up one of the area's many protected waterways, go flightseeing, tour historic downtown or try your hand at panning for gold.
Ketchikan, Alaska
Its Tlingit Indian name, Kach Khanna, means "spread wings of the eagle." Chances are you'll see one of these magnificent birds perched atop a Sitka tree. Thanks to its abundant rainfall, Ketchikan is surrounded by some of the world's most lush wilderness.
Victoria, B.C, Canada
Roam the spacious lawns of stunning Butchart Gardens with its exotic flora, unusual topiary and exquisite fountains. Explore historic Bastion Square, the treasures of Chinatown and the many sights and sounds to be found along the boardwalk of the Inner Harbour
Miami, Florida
South Florida's exciting, international city is much more than the gateway to Latin America. It's one of the world's most popular vacation destinations. With its world-renowned beaches, unrivaled nightlife, unique culinary experiences and Latin flavor, this is one place you'll want to check out. Before departing from Miami, enjoy a tour that will highlight this exciting city.
New Orleans, Louisiana
This exciting and vibrant city is the birthplace of Jazz. Spend the day walking through the French Quarter filled with beautiful buildings dating back to the 1700's, or tour the magnificently restored Cabildo, the Spanish government building where the Louisiana Purchase was signed. New Orleans is home to Creole cuisine which has drawn influences from Portuguese, Spanish, African and French cultures.
Port Canaveral, Florida
The gateway to Central Florida, Port Canaveral provides access to the wonderful theme parks and entertainment complexes of Orlando, the spectacular wonders of the Kennedy Space Center and the natural habitats of the alligator and Florida manatee.
Beilze City, Belize
With miles of lush tropical rain forest, a gorgeous Caribbean coastline and the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, it doesn't take long to realize why Belize City is known as "The Jewel." Located between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize possesses a unique combination of modernity and rustic Caribbean charm. Ancient ruins indicate that Belize was first inhabited by the Mayans in 900 A.D. This Indian heritage, combined with a rich European history, creates a destination full of charm and wonder for all to discover.
Bridgetown, Barbados
Though Barbados gained its independence from the British in 1966, the island maintains a distinctly English flavor. From British products such as chocolate and china to the national pastime, cricket, the British influence is evident throughout this gorgeous Caribbean destination.
Costa Maya, Mexico
Costa Maya, once a trading post for the Mayan Empire, is located in the Mexican Caribbean and is best known for its jungles, beaches, lagoons and Mayan ruins. Recent development and modern port facilities are making Costa Maya the perfect port of call. With so many activities, it will be hard to decide what to do first.
Cozumel, Mexico
The Conquistadors first saw Mexico from the shores of Cozumel while searching for gold. Today, visitors to the island continue to seek out gold and silver jewelry in the shops of San Miguel while having a great time in its many local bars and restaurants. Plus, the waters around Cozumel's sheltered coral reefs make this one of the best snorkeling areas in the world.
George Town, Grand Cayman
Grand Cayman is one of a group of three magnificent tropical islands Christopher Columbus called "Las Tortugas" (the turtles) for the sea creatures he found in the ocean water. The designation did not endure, however, for on later maps the islands were labeled the Caimanau, the Carib Indian word for "crocodile." The name "Caimanas" refers inaccurately to the iguanas native to the islands, which were perhaps at one point mistaken for crocodiles. Among other attractions, visitors to the island will enjoy learning about the turtles, visiting the town of Hell, exploring Seven-Mile Beach and enjoying the undersea world.
Nassau, Bahamas
For a city now known for its warming sun and balmy breezes, Nassau has a tumultuous past. First settled by the English, the area was contested by England, France and Spain. For many years, Nassau was a home base for notorious pirates, and it was burned to the ground by the Spanish three different times. Since 1740, however, visitors from all over the world in search of both relaxation and adventure have made Nassau their favorite destination.
Ocho Rios, Jamaica
The town of Ocho Rios, on Jamaica's north coast, is edged with beautiful white-sand beaches and unbelievable landscapes. Contrary to popular belief, its name does not refer to "eight rivers," the literal Spanish translation. It derives instead from the Spanish word "chorreras," meaning "waterfalls," of which Ocho Rios has many - including the famous and spectacular Dunn's River Falls
Philipsburg, St. Maarten
When the Spanish closed their colonial fort on St. Maarten in 1648, a few Dutch and French soldiers hid on the island and decided to share it. Soon after, the Netherlands and France signed a formal agreement to split St. Maarten in half, as it is today. Philipsburg displays its Dutch heritage in its architecture and landscaping. The island offers endless stretches of beach, beautiful landscapes and great shopping.
Roatan, Honduras
This truly unspoiled island is surrounded by the world's second-largest coral reef, which houses hundreds of varieties of beautiful sea life. So it's easy to see why Roatan's waters are considered some of the best in the world for snorkeling and scuba diving. On land, the friendly, laid-back atmosphere is exactly how you'd envision it to be on an island paradise - it's perfect. There are fine restaurants, bars and attractions, such as Butterfly Park, Marble Hill Farms, the Iguana Farm and Carambola Gardens. But best of all, make sure to spend time exploring some of the most pure and untouched beaches in the Caribbean. It's all there for you to enjoy - at your own leisurely pace, of course.
Roseau, Dominica
Roseau is a charming coastal village of Dominica and your gateway to one of the Caribbean's most untouched islands. With its lush forested mountains, countless rivers, and black-sand beaches, you'll see why it's called the "Nature Island of the Caribbean." If you've ever wondered what an authentic Caribbean island was like, this is it.
St. Thomas, USVI
Composed of 117 islands in the Venetian Lagoon and held together by a series of canals, Venice is like no other city in the world. Established more than 1,000 years ago by seafarers and Roman refugees, this magnificent city continues to be the heart of Italian culture as well as a mecca for hopeless romantics.
Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas
Today's Great Stirrup Cay is an unspoiled paradise of pristine beaches and swaying palms, but in days of yore this island saw its share of swashbuckling pirates and legendary sea captains. This island's history is as colorful as the reefs surrounding it. Today it is an exclusive, private 250-acre paradise waiting just for you. Great Stirrup Cay is not just our island. It's your island. And it's more thrilling, more natural and more unforgettable than ever before
Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas
Grand Bahama is one of the northernmost of the islands of the Bahamas, and the closest major island to the United States, Grand Bahama is the fifth largest island in the Bahamas island chain of approximately 700 islands and 2,400 cays. Soak up the sun as you enjoy a variety of water sports and nature tours. Then soak up some local flavor at one of the cafes or casinos