Shore Excursions for Norway - Southbound Coastal Cruise

Optional tours will be available for purchase locally:

  • The tour descriptions and prices listed below are based on 2023 rates and are provided for information purposes only.
  • The following list may not reflect all excursions available at the time of sailing.
  • Excursions are subject to maximum/minimum numbers. They may be cancelled locally.
  • The ship reserves the right to rearrange the order of tours subject to local conditions, including weather & site closures
  • Rates are per person and may change due to fluctuating exchange rates
  • Excursions booked on board can be made with cash or credit and will be payable in Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
  • If booked excursions have to be cancelled you will receive a refund on board in local currency NOK

Snowmobile Trip into the Polar Night - 2 hrs 15 mins - From $532

The excursion starts with a bus trip from Mehamn, the world's northernmost mainland town, and you'll head up and over the mountains to the old trading post and fishing village of Kjøllefjord. Along the way, guides tell you about the indigenous Sámi people, the area's geography and climate conditions, what life is like in this part of Norway, and how the locals effectively utilize nature. Some of Norway's best snowmobile instructors are on hand to ensure you get proper training before departing. Then off we go to experience snowy valleys, invigorating winter air, and perhaps even the mesmerizing northern lights in the clear, starry sky. During spring, the sun returns, resulting in a different, yet equally exhilarating experience with many more hours of daylight and a milder climate. We conclude the expedition in Kjøllefjord, where you rejoin your Hurtigruten ship.

Physical Level: Medium, for some guests
Port: Mehamn
Available: December 8 - April 23 excluding December 25 and January 1

Into the Ice - Stories of a Polar Hero - 1 hr 45 mins - From $172

One of the most impressive figures in polar history was Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm, who was from Hammerfest. He participated in all of the expeditions that led to Norway's status as a polar nation. Lindstrøm joined Nansen, Amundsen, and Sverdrup on their expeditions to the North and South Pole. He sailed through the Northwest Passage and around the American continent. He was the Norwegian with the most experience in the Arctic and Antarctic areas. He was also an esteemed cook! The bus picks you up at the pier and takes you to Framheim, which is situated on Mount Salen. After putting on warm clothing, you go on an expedition by foot to the top of the mountain. You will really get the feeling of how it is to be outside in the Arctic. You plant the flag at the top and then return to Framheim for a taste of some of Lindstrøm's favorite recipes.

Physical Level: Hard, For some guests
Port: Hammerfest
Available: November 8 - March 22 excluding December 24 - 25 and December 31 - January 1

A Taste of Vesterålen - 4 hrs 15 mins - From $172

The tour starts with a short sightseeing jaunt through the streets of Harstad before traveling by bus to the Trondenes peninsula. Here, we visit a white medieval church, one of North Norway's premier cultural heritage sites from the late Middle Ages. You are truly on historic ground. At the Trondenes Historical Center, we visit an exciting exhibition complete with sounds, smells, and original objects from the region throughout history from the Viking and Middle Ages through today. The bus then takes us across Hinnøya Island, where we view beautiful fjords, steep mountains, and large fertile agricultural fields. Then we cross the Gullesfjord by ferry, and enjoy a hot drink and some freshly baked cakes. The tour then continues along the Sigerfjord to Sortland, where we rejoin the ship. This excursion is a beautiful experience during all seasons: idyllic in the summer, but just as picture-perfect in winter.

Physical Level: For all guests
Port: Harstad
Available: All year excluding December 25 and January 1

Lofoten by Horse - 3 hrs 30 mins - From $305

The tour starts with an early evening bus trip from Svolvær to Hov Hestegård on Gimsøy. Here, we begin our guided trail ride on Icelandic horses through magnificent nature. We journey across on a long white -sand beach along the Norwegian Sea; through rugged, rocky terrain; and among remnants from the Viking Age. During summer there is perpetual daylight, but during autumn and winter we ride in darkness, listening to the waves slap against the shoreline and gazing skyward to seek the mystical northern lights. The route and horses are well suited for both beginners and experienced riders. Icelandic horses are known for their gentle temperament and comfortable gait. If you wish to go a bit faster, you get the opportunity to try trot or tölt (faster than a walk but slower than a gallop). Come along on this unforgettable Lofoten experience.

Physical Level: Medium, For some guests. Max weight of passenger is 243 pounds.
Port: Svolvaer
Available: All Year excluding December 31

Discover a Fishing Village - 1 hr 30 mins - From $145

The town of Svolvær has been a thriving fishing community since 1828, and is thriving to this day. On this excursion, we explore the town's oldest quarter on the small island of Svinøya.  Cod fishing has always been the basis of existence for the people who live in Lofoten, and the fishing industry is still of major importance to the region.  Wandering among the 'rorbuer' (fishermen's huts) and iconic stockfish racks you easily immerse yourself in the atmosphere. On Svinøya you see the sea on one side and a spectacular mountain backdrop on the other. We also visit a gallery dedicated to the local 19th century artist Gunnar Berg, who died at the age of 30 and known for his paintings of Lofoten. On this excursion you taste locally dried and cured stockfish. You also receive at small complimentary portion of stockfish to take back home. We then pass by a renowned local fish restaurant and typical Lofoten fish-processing plant before heading back across the bridge to the Svolvær town center.

Physical Level: Easy, For most guests.
Port: Svolvaer
Available: September 1 - April 8 excluding December 23 - 25 and December 31

Trondheim with Nidaros Cathedral - 2 hrs - From $132

Trondheim is a large city by Norwegian standards, but has managed to preserve much of the intimacy and charm of a small town. It is also a city full of contrasts, with its medieval cathedral, colorful wharves, and beautiful red-painted wooden bridge dating back to 1861 on one hand; and its modern sports facilities, world-renowned education and research community, and lively nightlife on the other. On this coach tour, a local guide tells you all about Trondheim's highlights as we pass through its streets and neighborhoods, including a short stop at Utsikten (the View) to admire the city from above. Our adventure continues to the impressive Nidaros Cathedral, built over the burial site of St. Olav, the patron saint of Norway. Construction of this enormous Gothic structure - with its countless details and adornments - began as early as 1070. You quickly see why many describe Nidaros as the most beautiful religious building in Norway. At the end of the tour, you receive a complimentary book about Nidaros Cathedral to take home with you.

Physical Level: For all guests.
Port: Trondheim
Available: All year excluding December 25 and January 1