Shore Excursions for Norway - 2023 Coastal Cruises

Optional tours will be available for purchase locally on board the ship and subject to the following terms:

  • The following tour descriptions and prices are based on 2023 rates and are provided for information purposes only. Local availability may vary.
  • Excursions booked on board can be made with cash or credit and will be payable in Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
  • All information contained in this document is subject to change without notification due to unforeseeable circumstances such as weather, vessel itinerary or local conditions
  • All rates are per person, listed in US Dollars, and are subject to change without notice

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Farm Visit In Lofoten (HR-STU4I) - Duration: 2 hr 40 min – From $192

Physical Level: For most guests, requires some physical effort
Port: Stamsund - Svolvær
Season: Apr-Sept

Aalan Farms is operated by the Åland family, who supply Hurtigruten ships with teas and tasty organic cheeses all year round. It is our only local Hurtigruten food supplier that opens its doors to visiting ship guests during our cruises. Here, you see, smell, touch, and learn about real life on a farm in the far north of Norway. The Ålands show and tell us about food production, animal husbandry, daily work routines, and how they spend their leisure time. We also taste their many varieties of cheeses, herbs, and other products made from scratch. Be sure and buy something for a savory snack later. You also meet the farm's goats, dogs, cats, miniature pigs, ducks, chickens, and, if you're lucky, the free-range cow, Victoria. This tour is a down-to-earth experience that might inspire you to pack up and move to the country.

Meet the Vikings (HR-STU4E/HR-STU4F)- Duration: 2 hr 30 min – From $214

Physical Level: For all guests
Port: Stamsund - Svolvær
Season: Apr-Oct

Join us on a historical journey as the bus takes us from Stamsund to Borg, and on to the Lofotr Viking Museum. On the trip to Lofotr, the guide will tell you about the Viking Ages, the museum and how life was for the Vikings who lived here. Upon arrival we are invited in to experience the Chieftain's house, which has been recreated in full size, and features exhibits of finds from the Viking age. The Chieftain and the lady of the house welcome us to join them for a real Viking feast in the banquet hall; a taste of the Viking age, with traditional food, costumes, singing and dancing in authentic surroundings. After the feast, served with home-brewed mead, we then travel by bus to Svolvaer, learning more about the history of Lofoten along the way before re-joining the ship.

Highlights of Lofoten (HR-STU4G)- Duration: 2 hr 40 min – From $146

Physical Level: For all guests
Port: Stamsund - Svolvær
Season: Apr-Aug

Our first photo stop is Gimsøy Church, situated in the village Gimsøy. We continue to Kabelvåg, the oldest fishing village in Lofoten and previously also the largest. It was here the commercial part of the Lofoten fishery started more than 1000 years ago.In Kabelvåg we visit Gallery Espolin, which has the largest collection of the beloved artist Kaare Espolin Johnson’s works. He is known for his depiction of the sea, Lofoten and the fishermen’s hard life. Close to the gallery lies the Lofoten Museum where you can experience the local fishermen's history at one of the most preserved squires in Lofoten. Here, on the site of the medieval town Vågar, you’ll find the main building from the year 1815, authentic fishermen's cabins and boathouses featuring Nordland boats. Our last stop is Vågan Church in Kabelvåg, also known as the Lofoten Cathedral. The church was built in 1898 in the Gothic Revival style and is with its 1100-1200 seats one of Norway's largest.